Top-grade coffee, various hot chocolates, herbal teas, iced coffee with homemade syrups and unique seasonal coffee recipes.
Freshly pressed ginger and apple shots, fresh fruits and veggie smoothies. 


Handmade artisan muffins, brownies & cakes. Gluten, wheat free, unrefined sugar options.
A coffee kit for production to make awesome cups of coffee for their cast &crew.

The box comes with freshly roasted and ground coffee, cafetière (optional) and all the necessary bio-degradable consumables such as cups, lids, trays and sugar. All you need is hot water & fresh milk. Delivery can be arranged weekly, to suit your needs. Every kit will contain easy to follow instructions on how to get the best out of our amazing coffee.

Espresso Bar & Craft Service 
for Film Sets

We specialise in catering freshly roasted coffee for your film set, on location or in studio, wherever you are. Our coffee van is fully equipped to suit far-flung locations and extreme weather conditions. We will set up a cool artisan espresso bar and make an oasis of happiness.

Delicious coffee also depends on using the highest quality milk. We use organic jersey milk from an award-winning dairy in Somerset where happy cows are reared with love.

The menu starts with high-altitude top-grade coffee and Pukka herbal teas, iced coffee with various homemade syrups and unique coffee recipes.  

More options are available, such as freshly pressed ginger & apple shots, fresh fruit smoothies, brownies and muffins, all served in compostable ware. Just tell us your needs and we will customise for you.  



The Kid Who Would Be King (2019)
Pure (C4, 2018)
 Patric Melrose, ft. Benedict Cumberbatch (2018)
Mary Queen of Scots (2018)
The Favourite (2017)
The Crown (2015, 2016 & 2017; Netflix)
Film Stars Don't Die In Liverpool (2016)
Honor 8, ft. Brooklyn Beckham (2016)
Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie (2016)
Panasonic Viera TVCM (2015)

Elstree Studios
Pinewood Studios
Longcross Studios
Buckingham Palace
Windsor Castle
Dover Castle
Belvior Castle
Wilton House
Ascot Racecourse

Scottish Highlands
and more…

​​​​​"The only thing that gets me through the day"

Claire Foy, Actor

"Coffee fit for a Queen! We love Moka Mafia, our unit love Moka Mafia, book them and make your day go great"

Andy Stebbing, Producer 'THE CROWN'

"The whole crew perks up when Moka Mafia rolls in — the most essential tech van on any film unit! Alex's excellent own-roast coffee, varied menu, top tunes and, above all, cheery attitude even on the coldest, wettest days, brings a smile to the faces of our hardworking crew"

Benjamin Caron, Director 'THE CROWN'

​​​"Cameras, lights, sound, electrics, grip, make-up, costume and coffee! Alex’s Moka Mafia Espresso Bar is a fundamental part of our location shoots and quite often the first thing the crew go looking for upon arrival on set"

Paul Olavesen-Stabb, Producer 'ONE BIG MOP PRODUCTIONS'


  1. Blueberry Muffins
    Blueberry Muffins
  2. Brownies and bites
    Brownies and bites
  3. Hard working coffee machine.
    Hard working coffee machine.
  4. Our secret ingredients comes from happy organic Jersey Cows.
    Our secret ingredients comes from happy organic Jersey Cows.
  5. moka mafia
    moka mafia
  6. Silky flat white
    Silky flat white
  7. Exceptional espresso
    Exceptional espresso
  8. Mobile espresso bar
    Mobile espresso bar
  9. Serving coffee at unit base.
    Serving coffee at unit base.
  10. Happy crew around the espresso bar.
    Happy crew around the espresso bar.
  11. Serving coffee on the set in Scottish Highlands
    Serving coffee on the set in Scottish Highlands
  12. Shooting in Scottish Highlands
    Shooting in Scottish Highlands
  13. Snowy Scottish weather no problem for the espresso bar.
    Snowy Scottish weather no problem for the espresso bar.
  14. Moka Mafia Van Entrance
    Moka Mafia Van Entrance
  15. Moka Mafia Van on location.
    Moka Mafia Van on location.